Dr. Claire James
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

By visiting this site you are one step closer to obtaining the information you need to begin a journey of discovery and transformation.

The psychological services I provide encompass all ages from childhood through adolescence and adulthood including psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. As a licensed Psychologist my goal is to treat the life challenges and difficulties you face so you feel better about yourself and your life. By applying specific psychological approaches your natural ability to address distressing, painful, confusing and/or traumatic situations and experiences can be activated. This process supports you to change, grow and transform in ways that help you to discover your strengths, navigate your challenges and assists you to focus on the life goals that you desire.

Navigating either as a child or an adult through obstacles and difficult challenges can be among the most stressful, confusing and painful of life experiences. Yet each human is gifted with an amazing capacity for resiliency and emotional healing that rests at the core of our imagination. If we can imagine it we can begin the process of creating it. Utilizing creativity through engaging this deep reservoir of imagination is crucial to activating the human strengths that bring you closer to living the engaged and satisfying life you envision.

While I have extensive experience in depth psychotherapy and imaginal psychotherapy, I also integrate additional researched and successful psychological approaches such as EMDR and CBT. If you are looking for expertise in diagnosing and treating the challenging situations and disorders children, adolescents and adults experience, I look forward to working with you.